Dohl - borayom

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When should I do the Dojalbi?

A: This usually happens while everyone is finishing up their meals, prior to desserts.

Q: Can you take group photos?

A: I absolutely can! From my experience, group photos are normally taken after the Dojalbi while the baby is his/her hanbok.

General order of photos: baby w/ parents; baby with parents & extended family; and other group photos at client’s requests

Q: Any tips for a successful dol?

A: Yes! Sharing is caring, and I would love to share with you things I've observed from the past dols I've photographed.

1. Ensure your child gets enough naps and feedings before the event. If you think you'll be running around on day of event, have a family member or close friend to watch your child.

2. Have your child get used to wearing the outfits you plan on having them wear. Particularly the traditional Korean outfit (hanbok). The more comfortable they are wearing the outfit and the hat, the less fussy they’ll be.

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