Couples - borayom


Your BYP Experience: 

• Don’t know how to pose? Neither do I. :] Try not to have an idea of how you want your session to go. You both will be so relaxed, you’ll forget about worrying where your hands should go.

• 30 Years From Now. Can you imagine what your life together will look like 30 years from now? My inspirational photographers and mentors (Bobbi & Mike) shared their wisdom on this one. It’s about capturing you both in this moment where you are in love. You are doing your kids a favor because they will look back and say, “Wow, look at mom and dad in love.

• Make the day about you. I want the photos to be personal. If you have meaning gifts and love notes, or even family heirlooms; bring them!

• Bottom line... I care. I care enough to make sure the girl is beautiful and the boy is happy. The experience is as important as the images. It's about remembering how you feel and when you feel when you see THAT photo on the wall.  It’s about your real moments which are always timeless.

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