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From the book, Envisioning Family, by Tamara Lackey, her client could not have said it better.  

[This testimony is based on a family photo] My children live out their days full of joy, as only children can. On the face of my oldest son I see the joy of confidence of being loved and the belief that he can do anything and be good at it. On my daughter’s face I see the joy of comfort of being held by the man she cherishes most in her life, her daddy. On the face of my youngest, I see the joy of energy, wanting to take on the world and always moving swiftly from one thing to the next. On the faces of myself and my husband and I see the contentment that joy brings when we live life together as a family. We each married our best friend, and we still find joy in that all these years later.  I will always choose to capture my family's moments through photography because these portraits are indelible reminders of a life lived well.  They each tell a story about who we were and where we were headed, and that we were just having a great time living life.

Your BYP Experience:

Experience– Your BYP experience just as is important as the images.  Remembering how you feel when you see THAT photo on your wall.

Love – Your family tells a story about love that only your family can tell. I’m here to tell that story through photos.  

Prep-talk for Parents– Okay, parents.  Be prepared to get a little workout.  You'll soon find out that you won't "pose" for my pictures.  There will be some movements where my goal is for everyone to "fall-in" to that BYP photo.  Basically there will be a lot of squeezing and hugging.  :)

Let them be, then be engaged – It takes time for them to warm to anyone, so I let them be at first and then put on my BYP charm to win them over. Here's what I ask of you. Do your best not to react to melt downs or stopping a session. If such things happen, we can always take a break. I’ll greet your child at eye-level without my camera. I want them to know that I’m here to have fun with them.

Down & Dirty – Don’t be scared by this one mom and dad. Do know, I may pick up your child and place him or her on the grass or gravel. Here’s where I need you to trust me that the photo I’ll be taking will blow you away. Who wants a bright orange blanket in the background anyway, right?

Laughter– Lastly, if you're ready, then I'm ready. Your idea, my idea. Your turn, my turn. This is my method of appearing to give control to the kids. So parents, play along with me!

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